5 Content Writing Tips for 2024

Try these 2024 writing trends to craft engaging content that draws visitors and drives conversions.
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According to Content Marketing Institute research, 73% of marketers want to prioritise content generation in their overall marketing strategy by 2024.


Today we want to talk about some of the key content writing trends to watch in 2024, such as the rise of AI-powered writing helpers, the growing use of interactive and multimedia content, and the need for hyper-personalization and segmentation.


Make sure to incorporate these tips in your content generation workflow to create valuable content that attracts visitors and generates conversions.

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E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness)

This year, E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) is more important than ever for ranking high in Google this year. The increasing amount of disinformation and fake news on the internet forces search engines to step up their efforts to expose high-quality, trustworthy content from trusted sources.

According to a recent Moz survey, 70% of SEO experts believe E-A-T would be a top ranking factor in 2024, up from 50% in 2021. This means that if you want your content to rank high and create organic traffic, you must first demonstrate your expertise, authority, and reliability in your field.

  • Demonstrate expertise by using extensive, accurate, and well-researched. This means going deeper into your topic, giving practical guidance supported by recent facts and real-life case studies.
  • Communicate authority by writing author bios and successful case studies of your expertise in the field can help you build trust with your audience, and search engines will see your content as a reliable source.
  • To build trust, you must demonstrate that your content is accurate, neutral, and trustworthy. Make sure you use authoritative sources and link to websites and magazines in your field. Backlinko’s 2024 study discovered that pages with at least one outbound link to a high-authority website rank four positions higher on average.

But how can you include your E.A.T. into your content? One strategy that will be very beneficial in 2024 is to use expert quotes and relationships.

When you read an article, do you believe a random blogger or an industry expert? Content filled with data from respected experts in your industry increases credibility and demonstrates to Google that you are a reliable source of information.

Take it a step further by working with specialists on your content (co-writing a blog post, conducting a webinar, or creating a video series) to develop valuable content and engage with thought leaders in your sector.

Optimise for semantic searches and user intent

To have your content show up in 2024 Google searches, you will need to first find out what questions people are asking. Keyword stuffing is no longer effective for the content on your website. Today search engines can decipher the context and meaning of the queries users type.

So, when developing content, imagine yourself in the shoes of your target person searching. What are they trying to find? What are their questions? What difficulties are they attempting to solve? Use Google’s “People Also Ask” box and related searches to get into their heads and discover what they want to know.

The next step is to create content that answers those questions and adds genuine value. Make sure to do you keyword research and put relevant keywords and subtopics in your article to help search engines understand what your content is about.

If you’re writing about the best phones in 2024, don’t just list the top models and stop there. Talk about popular topics such as camera quality, battery life, and 5G speed. Mention the top smartphone companies, including Apple and Samsung. To illustrate your competence, use phrases like “top-rated phones” or “cutting-edge devices”.

The goal here is to make your material really relevant and beneficial to the person looking. If you can do this, Google will reward you with higher rankings and increased visitors. . Improve your skills with our beginner’s SEO guide!

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Visuals, video and interactive elements

You’ve certainly recognised that mere text is no longer enough. Eye-catching graphics and interactive components are essential for capturing and keeping people’s attention.


But here’s the thing: just throwing in some random images or films won’t be effective. You must address the situation strategically, and remember that each graphic element has a purpose and contributes value to your material. Avoid just cluttering the page and confusing your readers.


SO, what kind of graphic content should you use in 2024? A few examples are:

  • Infographics are a way to communicate complex information, break up text, and increase social sharing.
  • Videos are incredibly interesting and can improve SEO when hosted on YouTube.
  • Interactive components (quizzes, polls) improve engagement and dwell time while also providing audience insights.
  • Animations and GIFs provide visual appeal and humour, but use them properly!


Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind:



  • Use high-quality, relevant photos to supplement your text and provide value to your viewers.
  • Optimise photos for Google Image Search to drive more visitors.
  • Use alt text to convey image information to screen reader users.
  • Use a responsive design.
  • Compress picture files to make websites load faster while keeping quality.



  • Use copyrighted images without proper permission or attribution, which can lead to legal issues and penalties
  • Use large, uncompressed files that take forever to load. 
  • Rely solely on visuals to convey important information, as this can limit accessibility and SEO crawlability.

Prioritise accessibility and inclusivity

When generating content in 2024, accessibility and inclusion should be primary goals. Not only is it ethically correct, but it is also essential for SEO and user experience.

When you prioritise accessibility, you ensure that everyone can enjoy your material, regardless of their ability. This covers individuals with visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive disabilities.

Search engines such as Google are increasingly focused on providing easily accessible content. They prefer websites that are simple to navigate and comprehend, thus implementing accessibility best practices could help your search ranks. If you’re seeking professional assistance, contact us and collaborate with us for top-notch website design in Ireland.

Here are some tips that will make your content more accessible in 2024:

  • Structure your content with clear headings to help screen reader users and search engines understand your page.
  • Include alt text for images to describe what’s in the picture so visually challenged viewers may comprehend the context.
  • Write descriptive link text. Instead of “click here,” tell people where the link will take them.
  • Check your colour contrast. Make sure your text stands out against the background, especially for folks with visual impairments or colour blindness.
  • Make sure your site works with just a keyboard. Some users can’t use a mouse, so they rely on keyboard navigation.
  • Use plain, simple language. Avoid jargon and define any unusual terms. This helps people with cognitive impairments and makes your content more readable for everyone.
  • Provide captions or transcripts for videos and audio. This way, people who can’t hear or see the media can still get the information.


You can influence how your target audience perceives your business by adapting your content to their particular needs, interests, and habits.


Think about this: anything that seems to have been written specifically for you will be far more interesting and memorable. Producing content that appeals to your target audience directly encourages conversions, loyalty, and trust.


But how can you make your material more distinctive? The key is to fully understand your target audience: their goals, hobbies, and pain points, as well as basic demographics such as age and gender.


A persona called Erica is a 30-something professional who enjoys trying new workouts and eating nutritious foods. She would prefer subjects like “10 Quick and Easy Healthy Snacks for Busy Professionals” or “The Ultimate Guide to At-Home Workouts”. Tailoring your content to Erica’s specific interests and lifestyle improves your chances of capturing her attention and building a relationship with her.

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